Dry Brushing

brushI won’t even lie and say I wasn’t a little bit skeptical when I heard about dry brushing. If I could raise my eyebrow it would have gone higher with every mention of how it eliminates cellulite, cleans the lymphatic system and removes toxins from the skin.

I don’t know if it does any of the above but one thing I know it does do is facilitate soft smooth and did I say soft? skin. So. What you will need according to the internets is a natural bristle brush and 5 minutes of your time before you shower.

Im not sure if the brush I have has natural bristles but its what I had around so its what I used. So, starting from my feet and working my way up I used circular motions to brush the skin. Circular? Yes, this is a must. Skin is sensitive, you don’t just go rubbing it up and down with no mercy. Whether applying lotion, putting on a mask or dry brushing, a gentle circular motion is always best. No exceptions.

Dry brushing shouldn’t include the face and neck area because the skin is too sensitive for that and it already benefits from all the masks, moisturizers and exfoliation you already pamper it with. After dry brushing shower as usual and moisturize your damp* skin.

I don’t know about cleaning lymph nodes and curing cellulite (there is no such thing as a cure for cellulite. If Oprah and her billions have failed to find one – and she said she has been looking – then us regular people might just as well give up and live with it) but it does give great looking skin. I know the argument could be that skin is as a general rule, soft already but this makes it smoother and softer. Maybe it’s the removal of dead skin cells or something. It only took a couple of sessions to notice a difference to other asilia bots should try this and tell me if I am imagining my own things.

Asilia prime for sure, though don’t blame me when people look at you funny when they see you carrying a shoe brush into the bathroom … 😀

* don’t know if I have mentioned this before but moisturizer shouldn’t be applied to dry skin. After showering pat yourself dry and then apply your lotion to damp skin – it helps lock in some moisture.


7 thoughts on “Dry Brushing

  1. Ok first…as you know from my eggsperience, winter is coming…so this thing of “skin is naturally soft and sensitive”….wololo thats a rumor with my skin right now! I’m getting used scales showing up and I’m not too dark so you know things are thick! I’m contemplating using pig fat/lard now lol…because my normal nice smelling moisturizer does ZIP all! So I think the brush thing would be great to slough off all the dry skin. Thing is…now where on earth do I get a body brush from and what can substitute and how soft/hard should it be?

  2. im not even sure … i went and had another look at my brush and im pretty sure its synthetic which they say is a bad thing for the skin but my skin feels fine so i guess being gentle worked. im not even sure how i acquired said brush (clearly i dont need to brush my hair, hehe) but since it was around its what i used. im guessing if you go to a beauty supply store and just see which brush looks relatively ouchless …

    you shouldnt even be putting lotion on damp skin, from what you tell me just shake excess water off and get to applying the lotion and massage massage massage it in until its been absorbed. what lotion are you using?

  3. Brush shall be found in this crazy country with their nothing shops and cold weather!! Sweden you have been warned! I shall find a brush!!! hihi…trust me…skin is not ati “patted dry”…nothing, towel is left alone…sort of shake off excess by wiggling my bum bum like a doggy…then on goes the lotion. First some nice coco butter lotion was tried, then a more hard core coco butter, now I’m using body shop body butter the shea butter one…and ingrams on my feet in the night with socks…but still yawa…I’m looking for a butcher…they don’t even have butchers…to get me some good old lard lol…maybe tea tree will kill the smell no? lol…ok I’m not that asialised!

  4. maybe i should be happy they dont have kimbo there, haha. you would have come swearing the way it works and you wont doubt old wives tales again.

    maybe you need to be doing a little bit of mixing? like, have you combined them and then seeing what happens? woooi, arent the white folks there suffering from dry skin? ama their skin is hard core?

    lol, i thought i was the only one who shook like a doggy – air conditioning here can suck all the moisture out of you …

  5. hmm…kimbo…lol…their skin does get dry…they just don’t know anything better…I’m just counting down the days till I’m back in Kenya in December even though I’m still sulking that you are not going home sniff sniff!!!

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