I have had locs for about 6 years (type 4b hair) and learned that they are harder to take care of than I first thought. Leaving home where hair like mine is the norm and I could get it done cheaply and coming to a city where natural hair care equals going to a specialty “natural” hair salon and shelling out the big bucks was an education. I have googled my way through everything from how to henna my hair to hairstyles to how to give myself a scalp massage because the alternative was not too good. As for my learning curve … well, let’s just say had I started documenting all the things that I have done wrong to my hair a few years ago the list of asilia crimes on record would be a mile long and still on going.

As for skin, I’ll just say it’s a combination of complexity and frustration of dry and oily. I think. I have never had acne apart from the stray pimple here and there but it goes through stages where it will look pretty much perfect to times when I want to hide behind my hair because of all the random peeling and flaking and scaling … yeah, not good at all. Hydrocortisone cream calms it down but the idea of subjecting my skin to steroids for a prolonged period of time – I have been using one variation or another since my teens – didn’t appeal to me so I went off the creams cold turkey and decided to tough it out and see what happens. Asilianess here we come!


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