Well my hair, I believe has just about seen it all. I’ve had it natural, short, relaxed, dry and begging for a break….and so forth. With both parents of African descent, my hair type is a 4b to the ‘T’. If there was c, d, e, f  it would be that! Well I exaggerate…However I would say when my mother let go of the reins and yours truly took over, it was all downhill from there. The relaxer was my decision, the constant flat irons were my decisions…in short the bad decisions were my decisions! So when I left home for university, what was initially a challenge became an impossible feat. There were no suitable products in Asia, the humidity killed me, and I had no clue what do with my hair without my trusty hairdresser. So I relied almost entirely on braids. I’m coming to the end of my degree and now I realize that there is a way besides lugging kilos of hair product across the world and dependence on braids to aid hair abandonment! Healthy hair care has become a new found passion and I can be found in my kitchen on Wednesdays and Sundays mixing up eggs, strawberries, honey, yogurt…you name it! My  goal is to go natural in 2 years but before that I want to prove to myself and any other ladies (or gents 😉 ) out there that it is possible to go from damaged and sorely neglected relaxed hair to healthy thriving relaxed hair. As for skin, I was lucky to be blessed with fairly nice skin that just sits there and is breezy with just a wash and go. In spite of this, I’m excited to try out some of the edible amazing homemade products my fellow asili bots are so great at concocting! Here’s to a fabulous safari girls!

Carpe diem


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