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skin care with shira!

So I watch Shira on youtube…she’s great!  She’s out there and all over the place but she has researched stuff going on there that makes sense.  This one is on skin care – ok she talks alot about Dr. Haushka’s products yes (I don’t use them because yes they DO cost an arm and a leg), but she makes sense about alot of skin care that makes you think when you are out there buying creme’s and whatnot…so enjoy and be enlightened!  Oh and you may want to watch more of this skin care series…and please do as she says and google Jocelyn Wildenstein!!!


the power of Olives…

Olive oil is great for hair, but it’s also really great for skin too.  My mother always says how when we were babies, my grandmother always told her to rub us in olive oil at bath time and it did wonders to keep our skin nice and supple.  Anyway, I’ve been struggling with eye make up remover.  I’ve had the gel types which are just icky messy, the liquid ones which leave your eyes really dry feeling.  So the other day I was reading somewhere about olive oil being a make up remover.  So I figured I would give it a try.  I put some on to a cotton face pad, pressed it onto my closed eye and let it sort of do it’s magic for a little bit, then wiped it off.  As I swept the cotton pad over my eyes, I could feel the make up just get dissolved away by the olive oil and it all came off fairly easy.  Best part is it didn’t leave the skin around my eyes feeling too dry.  After this, I washed my face with neem soap which I am trying out and wow, the skin round my eyes was so soft and yummy feeling.  It’s definitely an asilia prime!!!

my “eggsperience”…

Ok, so in my quest to feed my hair some protein, I finally bit the bullet and decided to use the egg treatment…cue cringe moment!  I tried looking for an alternative, really I did…but everything I read and watched sort of pointed to eggs.  So hey…the worst that could happen is I spend a couple of hours picking scramblies out of my hair right!?  So I got a container thing, put in an egg, a good sized dollop of ORS hair mayo treatment, a dash of conditioner (I’m not sure why, but I just did), a little olive oil, a little castor oil and mixed it all up…BY THE WINDOW.  Note winter is coming and so temps are like zero degree’s in the evenings and I figured the colder the less risk of the eggs scrambling right?  Yes I was paranoid like that.  So as I mixed everything in, I could swear there was an egg boogey look alike and the urge to gag took me over and that led me to putting in some tea tree to completely mask anything egg about this dodgy mix.  So I left it by the OPEN window while I changed (I don’t really trust room temps – threateningly warm me thinks lol).  So I then sectioned my hair in 4 parts, put some music on and sang along as I put the stuff on my hair.  Granted it was messy, but it wasn’t messy as say the yogurt mix which is good.  I initially thought I was going to leave it on for like half an hour, but miss tried and tested scramblie here said she left hers on for two hours.  So I figured, it’s on my head, I might as well right?  Thing is, with my scramblies paranoia, I was worried bout my body temperature warming up the egg mix so popped my head out of the window in sub-zero temps to make sure it stayed cool…much to the amusement of the same miss scramblie.  Good thing it was misty out and I don’t think people would spot serious old me sticking her eggy head out of the window in those temps.

Aaaanywhoo, so I washed out my eggy mix in yes freezing COLD water (disclaimer – hair care can result in the flu).  Admittedly even after aaall those precautions I still had some eggy boogers…ok ok they were tiny and were like 3 or 4, so I guess I did relatively well.  I then did a co-wash and bantu-knotted for the night.

Results?  Well, I really could feel a strength to my hair and because of the oils in there it was very well moisturized, so I guess it did something.  I’ve been having lots of shedding lately and looking closely at my lifestyle, my protein intake hasn’t been what it should be, so with this protein treatment, I am also planning to include more beans and protein stuff in my diet and hope the shedding stops.  So yes…Asilia Prime it was…egg on asilia bots!!!

Castor Oil and Me

I have a new love and his name is – CASTOR OIL!!!!  I am in love with the stuff.  I’m not too big a fan of the smell…but with what it does…smell? what smell?  So last time I used it on my face as a cleanser, I tried it on someone with some sugar like Jmmk did as a scrub and said person was wow’ed.  Now I’m using it on my hair.  I did random braids, but my ends – oh gawsh my ends.  You know when you can actually see the split ends with with tips and your hair sort of just looks at you and seems to say “seriously, how can I be treated like this?”  So I sprayed on some of this wonder formula and then rubbed on a bit of my darling castor oil on the tips.  I could immediately see the difference.  A little bit goes a long way and its fabulous.  Next day I put in a bit of moisturiser and sealed with castor oil – on my ends again and once again – magic!!  Definitely and Asilia Prime!!!


I don’t usually wear anything fabulous on my lips…I have tried countless lipstick shades but I always feel so silly, I end up wiping the stuff off two seconds after I put it on – the most I do is a lip-gloss…sometimes a tinted lip-gloss even!!   But living way up North where the winters are oh so cruel, I have to put some effort into taking care of my lips.  So lipbalm lipbalm lipbalm!!  I was using the Himalaya lip balm, but sadly it got finished!  Since nobody in this place seems to know about Himalaya products, I had to get the next best thing.  So now I’m using the bodyshop Vitamin E lipbalm. I seem to like it and so do my lips.  Himalaya was good as well, but sometimes it felt like it didn’t “soak” in, instead sort of felt like just a layer of something on the top of my lips.  But the Bodyshop one is good – soaks in and everything – just doesn’t smell of edible fruits of vanilla – I guess I’m growing up!  So apart from that, sometimes my lips get all peely and just ugly looking and so I lather on some vaseline, get my old trusty toothbrush that I also use to brush my eye brows and just lightly brush my lips until most of the peeling is gone.  After which I lather on some Bepanthen.  Now I don’t know, but I havn’t seen Bepanthen in too many countries, or maybe its because I don’t have a baby and so wouldn’t know.  See Bepanthen is used for baby’s bum bums.  To help heal nappy rash and it contains lots of vitamin B5.  It’s truly one of the greatest products I know.  It aids healing of almost anything – I put it on those zits that just pop up at that time of the month and is kinda raw, I put it on cuts, grazes and it just heals everything like magic!!  It’s fabulous!  So after my brushing I put a generous layer on my lips and let it just soak in nicely.  It’s ok for lips because mothers can use it while they breastfeed as well – so it’s safe.  Also on those days when the wind and the cold have thoroughly abused my lips, I lather some on and voila!!  Apart from that, and I must confess I havn’t been too good with this recently but I will get back into once winter kicks in – good old nivea creme!  Like the type in the blue round tin container.  Right before bed, put a generous amount over your lips and lights out – wake up to nice supple lips!  So Bepanthen and Nivea creme – Asilia Primes!

Feedback on jmmk’s castor oil face scrub…

So in a bid to try out the wonder castor oil that jmmk posted here , I finally  found castor oil…with the help of google translate and some helpful pharmacists…woop woop…so excited that I came straight home to try it out!  So I didn’t do a scrub…I just did a cleanse.  As much as I was a little worried about the whole oil all over my face as a cleanser….I put on my brave face and went for it.   So I put some castor oil, some EVOO and a couple of drops of tea tree oil.  Reasons were, I read castor oil can be a little drying…(yes even I was surprised – oil and dry don’t go too well together…) so the olive oil was my carrying oil as well as my moisturizer in the mix and the tea tree oil…well its supposed to be good for all things antibacterial, acne, anything that needs healing basically.  so I mixed it all in my palm, rubbed it between my hands and then massaged it into my face (I sorta forgot the whole neck thing – I promise to do that next time jmmk)…anyway, rub rub rub as I meditated on smooth as a baby’s bum skin.  It felt alot thicker than I actually thought it would feel and the tee trea kinda gave it a nice tingly smell.  So massage massage massage….and after…well after me singing as much as I could bear to hear myself sing renditions of random songs, I had a face cloth in hot water, wrung out the water and placed it on my face to steam away the oil.  I must confess I didn’t really feel the “you will feel the oils pull out the dirt and impurities from your pores” that everyone who does the castor oil cleansing seems to talk about, but I enjoyed the steaming hot towel and re-did it like 2 or 3 times…yes it is addictive.  – Hi my name is Kipepeo and I’m addicted to putting steaming hot face cloths on my face!  Anyway, I then wiped the oil that was still left behind mainly near my nose with the hot face cloth, let my face dry a little but not too dry and put on some of my vitamin E moisturiser.  At first it just felt like I had on a bit more oil than usual, but 10 minutes later it was glorious soft skin all through!  As I write this half an hour later I keep having to pause to feel how nice and soft it is…yes I know I should not be touching my face all the time…but I just can’t help it!!!!  It’s sooo yummy!  So woop woop…Asilia Prime!  Thanks jmmk for showing me the castor oil light!!