We’ve been err *insert-best-thought-out-lie-here*!

read neglect!

I wish we had an awesome excuse and could say we’ve been under wraps because we just finished writing our 1000 page asilia bible, or have just come from cutting the ribbon on our new asilia spa or have……you get the drift.

Unfortunately, we’ve just neglected our baby.

We are in need of an intervention!



skin care with shira!

So I watch Shira on youtube…she’s great!  She’s out there and all over the place but she has researched stuff going on there that makes sense.  This one is on skin care – ok she talks alot about Dr. Haushka’s products yes (I don’t use them because yes they DO cost an arm and a leg), but she makes sense about alot of skin care that makes you think when you are out there buying creme’s and whatnot…so enjoy and be enlightened!  Oh and you may want to watch more of this skin care series…and please do as she says and google Jocelyn Wildenstein!!!