AHA’s – Alpha Hydroxy Acids – found in plants and milk products.  Low concentrations acts as a water binding agent, slightly higher concentration acts as an exfoliant

Asilia [a-see-lia]: Swahili word meaning natural

Asilianess:  A made up word meaning the state of being uber, natural and yummy!

Asilia Bot: Taken from Transformers – auto bot, asilia bot. Used to refer to anyone willing to try the Asilia way.

Asilia Crime: Something/someone deemed to be against the general tenets of Project Asilia and general asilianess.

Asilia Prime: Something/someone so totally fabulous the info must be shared and the word spread around.

Co-wash: Washing ones hair using conditioner to avoid the stripping caused by the harsh synthetic ingredients in most shampoos. Especially beneficial for those who intend to wash hair frequently.

EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ORS: Organic Root Stimulator – range of hair care products.

Pre-poo: A pre shampoo treatment used that can be done with virtually anything from conditioners, to natural oils and milks. It is left on for a while, depending on personal preference. Pre poos help minimize the harsh effects of shampoos.

Project Asilia: Efforts by three twenty-something year old Kenyan women scattered around the globe to use natural hair and skin products and processes where possible, convenient and necessary.

Nyas: Short for Nyasquondos, another made up word (yes, this is something we do alot) which is a term of affection used by those who have gone through the hard times when all you want to do is give up and call it quits.